Valentine’s Coffee Filter Wreath


I have always liked Valentine’s Day, whether or not I’ve had a Valentine. I see it as a fun day full of pink red and white, chocolate and food, and loving the people in your life! However, I must say I am especially excited for Valentine’s Day this will be my first one with Andrew! 🙂

This year I decided to do a little DIY project and make a Valentine’s Wreath! It came out so pretty and it was actually pretty fun to put together.

Here is what you will need:

  • Coffee filters (I dyed 40 and used 37)
  • Bowl with water
  • Red food dye
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Ribbon (choose a Valentine’s theme you love!)
  • Pencil and pen (to draw your heart and poke holes!)

To start I split up my coffee filters into bunches of about 3-5 filters and got a small bowl just large enough to fit the tops of the filters.

Coffee Filters

Next I filled the small bowl a quarter of the way full with water and dropped 10 drops of red food dye to get a pink color. (If you want a darker to red -try dropping 20 drops or more; or a lighter pink try about 5 drops). I mixed the water and food dye together and then put one bunch of filters top side down into the water. I let the filters sit in the water about 3 minutes (just enough for the water to wet the sides but not the center of the filter).

Water and food dye

Dying Coffee Filters

Then remove the filters from the water, separate them and lay them out on an old rag or paper towel so you don’t dye anything else! After dying and separating the filters I let them layout for about 5 hours to completely dry (you can even leave them out over night to make sure).

Drying Coffee Filters



While the filters are drying out you can start on the cardboard. I used a pizza box lid…just any sturdy cardboard that will be able to withstand cutting and poking holes. Draw your heart with the pencil (mine is about 12 inches wide) and draw a heart in the center to cut out. Make sure to give wide enough space between the outer and middle hearts to be able make enough holes without damaging the cardboard.

Cardboard Heart

After cutting out the heart, punch holes with your pen randomly around the heart. Use your scissors to make the holes a little wider to be able to fit the coffee filters into them.

Punched Holes in Heart

In the center top of the heart make a cut to insert your ribbon and thread the ribbon through.

Heart with Ribbon

Now that your heart is ready and your coffee filters are dry, take each filter and twist it up. I folded the filter in half, pinched the middle, and twisted it between my fingers. It will look kind of like a carnation flower!

Carnation coffee filter

After you twist the filter into the “carnation”, stick the twisted part through the hole in the heart and continue this with each filter all the way around the heart.

Filling the Heart

When you have finished placing the coffee filters it is almost finished! Next I flipped the wreath over and cut off each of the remaining twisted filter parts on the back. Then I placed hot glue onto the cut-off twists to secure the coffee filters onto the cardboard.

Flipped over Wreath


Cutoff twists

After that I hot glued more ribbon onto the edges of the cardboard to disguise the edges and give it more of a done “look”.

Ribbon on Edge

Before hanging it up, I tied the ends of the hanging ribbon and added a cute bow. Ta-da! Your Valentine’s Day coffee filter wreath is finished and hanging wherever you want!

Valentine's Day Wreath

Happy Creating!

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